Quinta Rainha Santa Mafalda



We fell in love with the landscape the first moment we laid eyes on this breath-taking scenery. We imagined the feeling of waking up surrounded by vineyards, with the sun flirting with the hills and the beauty of the meandering river flowing at our feet.

This inspiring experience encouraged us to accomplish the dream of a lifetime and with our passion we conceived a project that preserves the surrounding Nature of the Douro Valley, a World Heritage Site.

We reinvented a charming ambiance by instilling innovation and elegance in every detail of the decoration, and we are now very pleased to share with you our care for the Art and History, present in each corner.

We hope you will enjoy our creativity and our audacious intention to create an atmosphere with a distinctive character.

Nature brings you something new everyday, inviting you to discover this overwhelming region that makes you feel welcome.

Let yourself be surprised by the sensations we wish to transmit with our home and feel prestigious in Quinta Rainha Santa Mafalda.

We look forward to your visit.

Rodrigues Family,

Mafalda, Armanda and Carlos