Quinta Rainha Santa Mafalda

Casa de Mateus

mateusThe Foundation of Casa de Mateus, in Vila Real, is one of the most active cultural institutions in the country. Built during the first half of the 18th century, its baroque architecture, of Italian influence, is assigned to Nicolau Nasoni for the resemblance in style with other buildings of this famous architect. Besides the splendor of the main façade and the rich decoration, it also has beautiful gardens that invite you to a walk, a Chapel and a Wine cellar. We suggest a guided tour and a visit to the store.

Museum of Olive Oil

MuseuAzeiteA centenary olive oil mill was transformed into a museum, so as to share with visitors and tourists a little of the history on the production of this delicacy so typical of our country and essential in Douro gastronomy. Here is explained the manufacturing process of the olive oil, and then providing various tastings. The visit also includes wine tasting, also produced at Quinta D’Origem. The Olive Oil Museum is located in Casal de Loivos, just five minutes away from your holiday accommodation.

Route of Viewpoints

route_viewpointsFollowing the Route of the Viewpoints, you will discover the most stunning sceneries of the Douro Valley, a World Heritage Site. The natural beauty of the vineyards, the river, the mountains and the villages is enhanced when observed from one of the 14 viewpoints of the region. 

Route of the wine-producing villages

route_wineproducing_villagesIn the slopes of the Douro Valley there are six wine producing villages that stand out for their cultural and historic richness: Barcos, Favaios, Provesende, Salzedas, Trevões and Ucanha. They are must visit sites, for their unique features, gastronomy and surrounding nature. Every year a festival occurs in these villages, offering outdoor entertainment and several activities.



naturimontHow about an adventure?
If you enjoy a close approach to nature in a bike ride or canoeing, a 4×4 tour or the challenge of rafting, Douro has it all to offer. Naturimont suggests a great range of adventure activities, so healthy and providing unique moments in contact with the fascinating landscapes of the Douro Valley.


naturwaterparkDouro offers you an adventure park and a water park together, where you can have lots of outdoor activities for grown ups and children.
The water park is awesome for the summer days when you can slide in great style to the swimming pools. In the adventure park you will have lots of fun with a paintball game or climbing the wall or sliding… You also have the mini-golf and the tennis court.
The main purpose is to enjoy every moment, spending a great day.