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The Douro River

With calm waters and changing colours that reflect the landscape around, the Douro River is a constant surprise when we behold its beauty. 
And there isn’t a better way to understand the river than to take a close look in a cruise along the elegant shapes of its course.
The options are so many! It’s quite difficult to choose between the refreshing freedom of a sailboat and the charm of a vintage.



The Landscape

The vineyards and olive groves that embrace the river along the Douro Valley create an unique landscape with breathtaking views and beautiful small villages here and there. The undulating hillsides are criss-crossed with rows of vines that create a painterly patchwork of vineyards dotted with the traditional quintas.
Enjoy the overwhelming sceneries in a panoramic minibus tour or in a private van with a tour guide to get the most of this World Heritage Site and you will have never-ending opportunities to take stunning pictures of the region.



The Wines

The Douro wines represent Portugal abroad for centuries, bringing wine lovers from all over the world. The exquisite quality of the noblest grapes along with the special climate of the region offer a genuine character to the wine. The most appreciated is of course the Port Wine, with unique features and the reason why the Douro Valley was distinguished with the first demarcated wine region in the world.
A visit to one of the charming Quintas of the region is a must. Throughout the year, tourists may visit the vineyards and the cellars, as well as tasting the great variety of wines produced. In September, when the terraces fill up with people working and every hand is welcome, tourists can also experience the tasks of making the wine, starting in by the picking of the grapes, treading them in the winepress and finally tasting the first wine of the season.



The Gastronomy

The Douro Valley is well-known for its typical gastronomy. The diversity of products and the strong flavors of the recipes confirm the character of this region. There are elegant restaurants and also typical small restaurants that delight the tourists and visitors and promote the Douro Valley as an unique destination.
“Rota das Tascas” has given a highlight to the range of diversity in the Douro tourism, which main focus is preserving the cultural heritage of typical food and wines and broadcasting these simple places, where authenticity is the main dish.



Culture and Leisure

It’s important to understand the Douro region, starting by acknowledging its history and the memories of the people that shaped this land and made it a World Heritage Site.
There are three main museums in the Douro Valley with a wide range of exhibitions – Museu do Douro, Museu de Lamego and Museu do Côa, the last one included in the Archaeological Park of the Côa Valley.
For the most adventurous there are 4×4 tours and canoeing, but also radical packages such as canyoning, rafting and slides…
If you wish to spend your day in a diversions park, there is a waterpark in the region with all kind of outdoor activities for both grown ups and children.
By night, you can enjoy a delightful dinner in the riverside or one of the events suggested by the cultural agenda.